Our Story

It actually all began because of an introduction to a German expat with a love of Harleys, crepes, and flaming skulls (and a penchant for pink t-shirts). But that's a story you only get in person.

While the how we got here is a bit convoluted, why we're here now is pretty straightforward.  We're inspired by great coffee, good food, and the connection made with others over both.  We believe that simple ingredients are made exceptional when treated with integrity and care, and that people can smell, see, and taste the difference. 

We also are kind of obsessed with coffee and crepes. 


Waxing Poetic About Coffee                                                      

When you break down "why we are here" to brass tacks, the answer is because it makes us extremely happy to do this. When it's done for someone else, it's transformed into something reciprocal and connecting. It's immensely gratifying when you do it well. When you give your product and the entire process that went into it justice, and the result is enjoyed. The output is so small and ordinary that it sounds bizarre, but because we're so enamored of the whole constellation - of process and chemistry and context that goes into each drink - an exchange that would otherwise be typical and distant becomes kind of weirdly magical. So I guess that's why we serve coffee in the way that we do. Coffee makes us happy, and it's totally awesome when someone likes what you make. 

Alice Bailey - Coffee Lead